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Maui Wedding DJ, Maui DJ, Hawaiian Wedding DJ, Hawaii Wedding DJ, Maui DJ Services
Maui Wedding DJ, Maui DJ, Hawaiian Wedding DJ, Hawaii Wedding DJ, Maui DJ Services

Who We Are

Maui Wedding DJ, Maui DJ, Hawaiian Wedding DJ, Hawaii Wedding DJ, Maui DJ Services


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Maui Wedding DJ, Maui DJ, Hawaiian Wedding DJ, Hawaii Wedding DJ, Maui DJ Services
About Us

Oahu DJ Services was brought to life in 2010 by ambitious businessman and entertainer, Scott Doran aka DJ ScottyD. Scott served six years as the Director of Creative Event Services at The Ritz-Carlton on Maui’s West Side, where he specialized in entertainment booking and décor for exclusive occasions.  Scott has had the unique opportunity to perform with some of the industry’s biggest acts including Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Train, Kings of Leon, Michael Buble, and Earth, Wind & Fire and has always dreamed of taking the “event DJ” to the next level here in Hawaii. Scott has since cultivated the island’s premier source for mobile DJs, specializing in corporate events, weddings, graduation and house parties. The award-winning Oahu DJ Services recognizes the magnitude of professionals whom can truly “throw the party” and elevate your day. DJ ScottyD and team understand the need to strategically plan with you, remaining involved in the planning stages, and providing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an excellent performance all around. Our talents are crafty, technical and cordial as they come on the mic, with versatile selections available and each celebrate a bouquet of sounds. They can mix and mash your desired playlist, while also collaborating with your vibes to ensure success. Thinking of turning it up with professional entertainment? Oahu DJ Services is here for you. Get to know our team below, and consider the best fit for your special event. 

Meet Our Team

DJ ScottyD ~ Premiere Mobile DJ/Owner

Many claim the title “DJ” yet few push the envelope, and the very definition, like Scott Doran of Maui DJ Services. DJ ScottyD is not only a force behind the scenes, he seamlessly mixes, mashes, and creates slick sounds all while throwing the party with an obligation to the dancefloor. His gracious personality is refreshing in the mobile DJ world, his level of professionalism remains incomparable, and his multi-faceted experience is appreciated. DJ ScottyD has enjoyed a colorful path performing, with an incredible list of domestic and international gigs at some of the most illustrious nightclubs and private venues. After a decade of industry ranks (including serving as the Director of Creative Event Services for The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua on Maui), Scott confidently launched Maui DJ Services and never looked back. As music and taste progresses, ScottyD is not afraid to evolve nor push the limits to provide an unforgettable experience. His sonic selection is diverse and alluring, with influences stemming from his dynamic travels throughout Southeast Asia and a love for South American fusion. ScottyD brilliantly celebrates an array of Jazz elements and embodies true House in his productions, and is also able to keep the classics coming with a modern groove. He understands how a DJ of his caliber can contribute to the success of your special event, and his tenacious team looks forward to working with you to create your ideal dance party. 


DJ Michael G ~ Premiere Mobile DJ

With over 20 years as a professional player in the entertainment field, Michael Hanle (aka DJ Michael G) is no stranger to crafting an atmosphere to satisfy your event dreams. He embraces his array of experiences as a DJ, emcee, lead vocalist, as well as his work in musical theatre and event coordinating. Whether it’s a single client or a packed venue, he’s passionately committed to his audience, cultivating happiness wherever his seasoned skills are shared. Michael is a fine fit to provide for your special event, no matter what the occasion. From a private house party to a corporate affair, all the way to your epic wedding day, he works diligently to uniquely tailor the entertainment which fulfills your vision and musical desires. The long-time Maui resident is thrilled and honored to have worked alongside Scott Doran for over 5 years now as a premier DJ and specialized emcee in his award-winning company, Maui DJ Services. Michael takes prides in his personalized and professional service, as he collaborates through the event-planning phases, all the way to “reading the crowd” to ignite and sustain a dancefloor. His extensive knowledge in a variety of genres gives him an advantage, as he celebrates all decades of music. From “The Oldies” to today’s chart toppers, Michael pulls from an eclectic collection and is known for being able to appease any request. Secure him today to complete your next event! 


DJ Shanalle (aka DJ Collelo) ~ Premiere Mobile DJ/Producer

Looking for a fresh and fantastic performer to enrich your event? Seek no further than Maui’s most celebrated female DJ, Shanalle Collelo. This resilient beauty is a powerhouse dialed into her passionate fortitude in music, and has steadily made a name for herself as a driven DJ and producer contributing to Hawai‘i’s electronic community. The Alaskan native followed her path to O‘ahu, then made Maui her home a few years ago, and continues to captivate the scene with her proficiency and the contagious energy she exudes. From festivals to venue shows, this small-town girl has now shared stages with global artists, won Wonderland Entertainment’s DJ competition on O‘ahu, and earned the title of Maui’s Next Top DJ and a South Maui residency in 2018. She impressed at national gigs at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, produced events across the isles, and serves as a sound technician by day. Her sets satisfy the bass lover, as well as the future and deep house heads, while also celebrating the funk and soul sensations she was raised on. She’ll lure you in with her cool confidence as she mixes live and charm any crowd with her loving vibes and emcee skills. Collelo flies high from igniting the dancefloor, works well with all walks of life and is a refreshing addition to any affair. Sample her in her sonic zone at and contact Maui DJ Services to book her for your next sensational event.


Ami Schorr ~ Premiere Mobile DJ/Award Winning Saxophonist

Ami Schorr is truly a remarkable entertainer and a Renaissance man. For over two

decades, he’s charmed the world as an award-winning saxophonist, playing live with bands and

DJs, as well as collaborating in an assortment of creative projects. Ami is a spirited entrepreneur

and devoted father by day, and a multi-faceted musician by night. Growing up in

California was a blessing, as Ami was able to perform for elite music festivals and diverse club

scenes in legendary venues across San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Since moving to 

Maui, his remarkable talents have electrified an array of dance floors, whether as a member of a 

popular band or an accompanist to DJs. From local nightclubs and jungle parties, to weddings and birthday celebrations, Ami is just the kind of smooth operator you aspire for at your next special event. His true love for performance really flourished when he started to integrate his sax with the unique skills of a DJ. Greatly influenced by Jazz, Blues, Rock, R&B, Contemporary Pop and Electronica, Ami’s flexible style draws from many corners. Whether it’s a solo performance,

strolling around the reception, or igniting the dance floor with his indomitable energy, Ami is an

ace at getting guests moving and grooving. With his fine-tuned DJ skills, live mixing and emceeing, he is now an all-in-one package. Ami is a cool and sophisticated choice to elevate your next occasion.

DJ Corey

DJ COREY ~ Premiere Mobile DJ

Mobile DJ extraordinaire Corey Vigneux is always ready to throw the party! Let him light up your event with the contagious energy and technical charm your big day desires. Corey celebrates versatility and technicality like an old soul, and his sets and attitude cultivate such positive vibes which steer fun into another dimension. A former Navy boy, now a man of different decks, Corey’s a cool gentleman who works hard and has a river of sound running through him. Groove is in veins with a melodic mother whom composes and sings, and he’s a classically-trained guitar player and pianist. Corey has funneled his knowledge to the digital arena of music and entertainment for over a decade, and continues to develop a reliable name for himself as an alluring DJ and producer contributing to the Pacific community. From slots at national festivals to sophisticated affairs in paradise, he’s proud to be in his prime and contribute his skill level to lift your occasion. DJ Corey is seasoned in all genres, from Top 40 and the hits of today, while also appreciating jazz & soul, along with progressive electronic gems in House and EDM. Corey’s deep love for music inspires his live performances, which are a thrilling hybrid of sonic sensations, and he’s happy to create a mix or oblige to a catalogue of your requests. He prides himself on being timeline savvy and a steward of the flow. Corey maintains a mass appeal with underground swagger, layered with his unquenchable zest for life, and he’s all about the energy you can create by bringing good people together on the dancefloor. DJ Corey is one of Hawai’i’s most dedicated mobile entertainers and amped to deliver the sleek professionalism and flavors your event aspires to so you may savor all the moments you deserve. Contact DJ Corey today to get your dream party started! 


DJ Angelei ~ Premiere Mobile DJ

Experience timeliness with wonder wahine, Miss Angelei Shulman. This well-rounded young lady is such a treat to have at any special event, and we’re proud to welcome DJ Angelei to our extraordinary team. She’s passionate about engaging through music and her bright personality shines through the moment you meet her. Angelei has been helping throw the “parties of the year” for years, with a mom known for her renowned wedding planning and a father celebrated for his musical performances across Hawai‘i. Angelei is great because she embodies the old-school variety, and blends in the latest vibes of her generation. Her song selection is thoughtful and fresh, she’s well-versed in diverse genres, and her state-of-the-art gear is set to impress. It could be a mix with The Rat Pack and Nat King Cole or local reggae and Latin inspirations… DJ Angelei will keep you grooving. Angelei is a proud island girl and a student of hula for more than half her of life, so she naturally keeps the mood real and fluid. She loves working with couples, and is a charming and professional MC. She really cares about appreciating the precious moments in life, packing the dance floor, and making sure guests are completely satisfied. DJ Angelei is someone you can trust to make the day run smooth, an old soul with grace, ready make your next affair awesome. Book this sensational spirit for your next event! 


DJ Dustin Robert ~ Premiere Mobile DJ

From his humble beginnings as a karaoke emcee in his small Illinois hometown to opening shows in Hawaii for some of the biggest names in electronic music, Dustin Hampton (DJ Dustin Robert) has been making amazing events happen for the better part of 2 decades. With a musical background that spans genres from classic rock and heavy metal to EDM and pop and pretty much everything in between, Dustin is just as comfortable playing for a crowd of 1000 club goers as he is an intimate reception with friends and family. With an extensive background in behind the scenes tech work he can not only keep your dancefloor full all night long but will make sure that all your lighting looks great, your sound fills the space, and that surprise video presentation your best man puts together goes off without a hitch. Elevate your event today by booking renowned DJ Dustin Robert!

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